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Terms and Conditions

Just A Touch Transport Inc

JATT Driver/ Passenger Terms & Conditions

The following rules are designed to promote safety and cooperation necessary for Just A Touch Transport Inc. The driver and rider agree to honor these rules in good faith.


  1. Pick up is limited to the agreed times and locations. The driver will wait for a maximum of four minutes beyond the agreed time before departing from each stop. Passengers are expected to be prompt so that others are not inconvenienced.

  2. If applicable, passenger agrees to make a payment promptly, and in advance, understanding that fares are not refunded for any reason.

  3. Passengers are required to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes positive interaction with other JATT passengers.

  4. Passengers shall help maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the JATT Vehicle

Personal articles may be kept in the area of the rider’s seat at the discretion of the JATT operator.

  1. The use of food and beverage aboard the JATT vehicle is at the discretion of the JATT operator.

  2. The driver and passenger agree that the use or possession or transportation of any alcoholic beverage or any narcotic drug, chemical, or other substance in violation of the law is prohibited in the van.

  3. The driver agrees to immediately notify the passenger and JATT Transit if the van breaks down.

  4. The driver and passenger agree that the use, possession, or transportation of any firearms or weapons is prohibited.

  5. No smoking is allowed in any JATT Transit vehicle at any time.

  6. Safety mask or Face shields are required before entering JATT vehicles and worn at all times.

  7. The driver and passenger of JATT are required to disclose any/all medical condition

  • Asthma   

  • Seizure

  • Diabetes 

  • Heart Conditions


I Understand and accept the conditions and rules of this agreement. The driver or rider may terminate this agreement by giving a written notice

Please return to the previous page and check the box if you agree.

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